FAL 2000

Pubblicità F.A.L.: FAL 2000

FAL 2000

Stepping into the new millenium

Incomparable technology, light-output and price

Power supply: 230V 50 or 60 Hz (to order).
LAMP: HSD200 OSRAM. Socket GY 9.5. 2000 hours life (manufactures rating).
COLOUR: 9 dichroic filters with high chromatic yield + white. 30 colour combinations, 30 dual-colour combinations. Rainbow effect in various speed
GOBOS: 4 rotating gobos with variable speed, continuous bi-directional rotation, 3 fixed gobos.
PRISMS: 1 rotating 3 facet prism
EFFECT WHEEL: 1 frost. 2 colour temperati correction filters.
STROBE/SHUTTER: Fast action shutter for beam blackout also provides strobe effect with strobe speed fully adjustable
from 1 to 7 flashes per second.
MOTOR: 5 Stepper motors controlled via internal micropi + 2DC motors
AUTOMATIC OPERATIONS: 2 stand alone automatic operating modes: pre-programmed internal sequences with and without sound activation. Master/Slaveoperationinautomaticmode.
OPTICAL SYSTEM: Optimum efficiencyparabolic mirror. High definition objective lens.
MIRROR HEAD: High reflective mirror.
MIRROR MOVEMENT: 140° Pan; 110° Tilt.
COOLING: By axial fan.
HOUSING: Extruded aluminium and steel plate body. Epoxy paint finish. Easy access to lamp.
DIMENSIONS: 620 mm. L, 370 mm. W. 170 mm. H, (290mm. H including bracket).
WEIGHT: 16,50Kg.


Via Svizzera, Castel Goffredo (Mantova) - Italy
Te. 0376-780208 - Fax 0376-780973